Do you own a Customization Center, Wrap Shop, Dealership, or Car Club/Rally? Apply Now!

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Seamless Integration with Existing Product Lines:

Adding our custom car covers to your existing product lineup enhances your offerings, providing customers with a sought-after solution for vehicle protection. Our covers complement various car care and accessory products, enabling distributors to create comprehensive packages that cater to diverse customer needs.

Revenue Generation with Every Sale:

As a distributor, you earn compensation for every cover sold through the dedicated landing page we create for you. This direct incentive model allows you to generate revenue effortlessly while leveraging our established brand and product quality to drive sales.

Customized Support and Brand Partnership:

Partnering with us grants access to personalized support, including a customized landing page tailored to your brand. This collaboration empowers distributors to leverage our brand's reputation for quality and reliability, enhancing sales opportunities and fostering customer trust.

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